The Puffin Rock Habitat Workshops are magical adventures that connect the enchanting stories of Puffin Rock characters with the real wonders of Irish landscapes. These workshops blend fact and fiction, creating interactive experiences that help kids aged 4 to 12 explore, learn from, and protect nature.

There are three types of workshops centered around the exhibition, through which children can immerse themselves in the layers of life and wonder within each habitat - at the exhibition, In the field and back at school.

The goal is to instil a love for nature, foster emotional intelligence, and create a sense of belonging, ultimately inspiring young hearts to become guardians of Ireland's rich biodiversity.

Workshops will be programmed with each exhibition venue and bookable directly through them. If the exhibition is coming to a venue near you, please keep an eye on their website for further details.

If you are interested in further natural heritage workshops for your school, the Heritage Council runs a Heritage in Schools programme.

Oona and Marvin

Habitat Explorations


Workshop Formats

Exhbition thumb

At the Exhibition Workshop:

The exhibition leads us into 4 distinct habitats - within each habitat children will engage with activities that help them discover, sense and make meaning of the ecosystem, through the story of a Puffin Rock character. These workshops create a magical, interactive experience fostering engagement and connection to Ireland's diverse landscapes.


Back at School Workshop:

Bring the wonders of Puffin Rock into your classroom. Blending fact and fiction, these sessions help children make connections between content and concepts, understand causality and refine their practice of reflection. Adaptable for ages 4 to 12, the workshops provide a structured environment for learning, experimenting, making and connecting - fostering a sense of responsibility for the environment.


In the Field Workshop:

Take the adventure beyond the exhibition! Our "In the Field" workshops create bridges between the fantastical world of Puffin Rock and your local habitats. Using place-based-learning pedagogy, the activities in these workshops are developed to hone a sense of curiosity and discovery. Learning from landscape has a profound impact on memory and cross disciplinary understanding.