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Dive into the enchanting world of Ireland's wetlands with Marvin! These are nature's magical sponges that store precious sweet water.

More than just homes, wetlands are nature's filters, held together by plants with deep roots, flexible stems, and colourful flowers.. Explore our many different wetlands – lakes, rivers, bogs, fens, swamps, peatlands – each a surprising and unique habitat. We know our wetlands are happy homes through their curious little messengers - frogs, newts, beetles, birds, and dazzling dragonflies.

Frog on lily
Orange and black butterfly

Banded Damoisel

The banded damoisel is like a tiny, pretty, fairylike insect found near ponds and rivers. These creatures live most of their lives as an aquatic nymp, before they transform into flying damselflies! contributing to the balance of nature in our watery habitats and help control mosquito populations.

Common frog

The Common Frog is the only species of frog in Ireland! These amazing amphibians, with their many adaptations can live both in the water and on land. They also have bulging eyes to spot danger and a camouflage skin that can change color. Frogs are protected by laws because they're very important for our habitats. They eat bugs like slugs and flies, and in spring, they make loud croaking sounds to find mates. From frogspawn to tadpoles and finally froglets, their life cycle is like a magical underwater adventure in our wetlands and fields.

Common blue

The Common Blue butterfly, known for its vibrant blue color, can be spotted easily across our landscapes in Ireland. These charming butterflies love sunny and grassy places, from meadows, and gardens, to river banks, swamps and even waste grounds and are easy to spot between April to October. The male Common Blue stands out with its bright blue wings, bordered in brown, with a white fringe. The female is more secretive with her beautiful brown hue and subtle blue dusting and distinctive orange spots on the undersides of the hindwings.


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