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Join Bernie on an exploration enchanting world between the tides and under the waves - across Ireland's 3172-kilometer coastline!

These intertidal homes may be gentle and mysterious seaweed forests or magical rock pools full of bizarre life forms. They are also tall sea cliffs with crashing waves and calm coves, caves and long beaches. This is the ocean's backstage where creatures master the art of disguise. Discover bustling neighbourhoods where life contends with both salty submersion and windy exposure, creating a dynamic habitat full of adventure.

Eec031 01 sea seahorse common male


Two seagulls

Dog fish egg case

Have you ever discovered a mermaid's purse on the beach? These tiny capsules often hide, tangled among seaweed, so keep a close eye out! These are strong and flexible homes made by dogfish, skates and some types of sharks, as same homes for babies to develop. The baby animal inside the mermaids' purses develop into pups, and once they're ready, swim away into the big ocean!

Kelp sea weed

Kelp forests are incredible underwater communities that grow in shallow, coastal waters - they look like plants but are actually brown algae. Kelp thrives in cold, coastal waters. They anchor themselves to the seafloor, and rise up all the way to the surface - creating safe habitats baby fish, seals and many other creatures. These forests help combat climate change by absorbing CO2, producing oxygen, and storing carbon.


Limpets are small sea- snails with a strong, cone-shaped shells that cling to rocks along our seashores. Using a strong muscular foot, they stay firmly attached, when the tide goes out and the rocks try up and even when the rocks get battered by big waves! Limpets graze on algae, using a raspy tongue-like structure to scrape off their tasty meals from the rocky surfaces.

Green seaweed

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Puffin Rock Habitats

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