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Embark on a wild journey with the Puffin Rock Wildlife Activity Book for children. Designed to ignite a sense of wonder and discovery, this book takes young explorers through the creatures and habitats of Puffin Rock. Guided by Oona, Baba and friends, children will learn about the intricate relationships within and between habitats, understanding what makes these environments such special homes for their inhabitants.

Ireland's wild habitats comes alive with activities that not only entertain but also bring important lessons about conservation and the natural world.

The Puffin Rock Activity Book, also available in Irish below, is a perfect way to bring the magic of Ireland's wild habitats into your home. It's an adventure into the heart of nature, crafted to inspire the next generation of wildlife enthusiasts and conservationists.


Puffin Rock activity book Word Search 2

Word Search

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Puffin Maze

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Puffin Rock activity book Spot The Difference

Spot The Difference

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Bird Scavenger Hunt

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Puffin Rock activity book Pond Maze

Pond Maze

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Your Favourite Tree

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Puffin Rock activity book Take Me Home

Take Me Home

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Wildflower Hunt

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